Combined Building & Pest Inspections

Whether you are buying or selling a commercial or residential property, it is important to organise combined building and pest inspections. There are some advantages of investing in building and pest inspection before you decide to buy or sell a commercial or residential property.

A pre-purchase pest inspection involves the inspection of all the timber inside as well as outside the home. Usually, it is completed in 1 to 2 hours when you hire the services of an experienced and reliable company offering these inspection services. The pre-purchase pest inspection is focused on identifying timber pests present in the surrounding grounds or the structure. The inspection will assess the presence of timber pests, the susceptibility of building to infestation, the severity of damage caused by the existing timber pests as well as any protective and remedial measures required to take care of the pests.building and pest inspections

Buying a home is usually one of the biggest investments made by most people, and therefore, it is important for buyers to know what they are buying. A pre-purchase inspection will help potential buyers in identifying the areas under attack from timber pests and existence of any specific conditions on the property that are conducive to timber pest attack. In other words, a pre-purchase pest inspection allows the buyers to make an informed decision regarding the price as well as the condition of the property they are looking to buy. It is also good for sellers as they can identify any issues before they put the property on the market.

Similarly, there are some advantages of getting building inspection done from an experienced and licensed builder to make sure that there are no issues with the property before you decide to buy. It is important to have separate pest and building inspections to ensure that there are two inspectors on-site with each inspector inspecting the property for issues related to their level of expertise.

A building inspector specialises in examining the property and identifying structural damage, the condition of finishing elements as well as conditions that are conducive to structural damage among other things. On the other hand, an experienced pest inspector has expertise in examining the property regarding pest damage.

While it is true that buyers should insist on a pre-purchase pest and building inspection, it is also advantageous for sellers to invest in these inspection services to make their property attractive to buyers. It has been observed that sellers that offer these pre-purchase inspection reports from reputed inspectors get more interest from buyers as compared to sellers who do not offer such inspections. Such pre-purchase inspections not only make the property attractive to buyers but also inform sellers about any repair and maintenance issues that may help them in increasing the value of their property.

Overall, these are some of the major benefits of investing in pre-purchase pest and building inspection. It is not only beneficial for buyers but also for sellers as it helps them in increasing the value of their property and makes it attractive to buyers.