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Termite Extermination: Inspections And Equipment Used

Every year, termites come out as one of the primary causes of million-dollars-worth of damage to the establishments in Australia. In an attempt to destroy said pests, some people resort to the ‘white ant treatment,’ but since ants and termites are pretty distinct insects, the said treatment has never been very effective in getting rid of termites as it does with ants. That is why a termite inspection is very much needed as this provide an evaluation of your property’s external areas ranging up to 30 meters. Termite inspections also offer a cautious assessment of areas that are prone to have termites.

Equipment Used In Destroying Termites

Termite inspectors use the following latest equipment in termite inspection:

1. Sounding Device

This is a special device to examine the reliability of wood structures in a building.

2. Listening Equipment

The listening or amplification equipment does not only detect the movement of termites, it also helps technicians identify the sound of a termite invasion inside a structure.

3. Moisture Meters

Moisture meters find the elated moisture in wood structures which is usually a sign of termite presence. This equipment also measures the moisture substance in woods, walls and other objects that are being presumed to have termites. Moisture meters can also be used to expose termite invasions that are hard to be seen by naked eyes since termites are usually drawn to spots with high moisture level. Moreover, these meters are suitable for pinpointing above-ground termite groups.

4. Borescope

This is an intrusive and disturbing technique for termites. This device can take images of active termites in wood structures.

5. Termatrac T3i

The Termatrac T3i is a specialised equipment which detects termite activities, moisture and thermal variations within the wood.

6. Thermal Imaging

This equipment is a supporting device to the Termatrac T3i. It has the ability to perceive thermal variations in any termite-affected areas. Its imaging cameras can trace infrared heat being emitted by termites’ metabolism.

5. Microwave Technology

This is not a tool but rather a form of technology that is used to track buried termite motions. Microwave technology supports equipment such as the Termatrac.

6. Trained Dogs

‘Trained dogs’ is not a name for termite inspection equipment; they are real puppies. This is considered to be one of the most interesting techniques in the termite inspection process. Specially trained dogs, usual beagles, are used to detect termites. These dogs are being prepared since their early years to have the ability to spot termites’ presence by using their superior sense of smell. In addition, termite inspection dogs also provide technicians the capacity to inspect narrow spaces on wood and other areas that are usually not within the reach of normal human being.

A thorough termite inspection usually lasts for 1 to 2 hours. However, it varies depending on the size and built of the building that will undergo such process. Lastly, the Australian Pest Control Association highly recommends that you have your property termite inspected at least once a year.