Termite Management

When a homeowner starts to think that they have a termite infestation, it usually occurs as a result of recognising one or more of the most common signs. You could have paint on an interior wall that looks cracked or distorted, or a hollow sound when you knock on certain walls made of solid wood. Frass might be visible on your floor, the residue that is left from these insects as they burrow through your wood. In order to prevent this from happening, or to deal with an existing problem, here are some tips on how to put a termite management plan into place.

Why Termites Are A Serious Threat To Your Home

There are a couple of reasons why termites may very well be the worst insect that you will ever encounter at your home. Unlike ants or other insects that are simply a nuisance, these insects can cause substantial damage to your home. There are some houses that have literally been destroyed by termites tunneling through the floorboards, walls, and even the foundation beams of a house, rendering it unliveable. If this is caught early enough, or if it can be prevented, this will save you thousands of dollars in repairs and replacement costs.

Managing Your Termite Problem

If you do have a termite problem right now, what you will want to do is contact a professional that can come out to assess your situation. If it has just started, they will fumigate your home to kill off all of the existing termites, and may subsequently add some type of physical or chemical barrier around the perimeter of your home to prevent further infestations. You can manage the termites by placing these preventative blocks which might be a physical mesh, or a chemical, directly into the ground. Once you have identified this problem, and the professional team of termite experts has provided this type of service, you will be very easy to manage any existing infestation, and prevent others from occurring later on.

Preventing Termite Infestations

If you are lucky enough to not have a termite infestation, then you will want to manage the probability of actually having one occur. The best way to prevent them from ever entering your home, or to stop them from coming back, is to use what is called a chemical termite barrier. These barriers work very well against subterranean termites, those that will create colonies right below your home. If they decide to move up, and you have sprayed permethrin or bifenthrin, this will act as a deterrent against termites from getting in. Some chemicals will actually be carried back to the colony, leading to its inevitable destruction. It is only by working with a professional termite business that can provide these types of services that you can handle a termite infestation right now, prevent one from occurring or stop an existing colony from getting back in. All of these steps will be taken by our termite professionals who will be able to implement these very effective termite management plans.